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Projects executed by ABACUS Ltd.

Site pilot for UK customer (2006)

A startup company from UK was interested in fast development of a demo version of a Web site in which the site content should be created by its visitors themselves. At the start, the Customer had no exact idea about the Web-implementation of this idea. We proposed to create a Web 2.0 site on AJAX technology. Together with the Customer, the business logic of the Project was analyzed, and SRS was formulated. This document contained:

  • the description of the site pages,
  • the navigation procedures,
  • the description of technical realization.

OpenSource products have been chosen as the platform for development: Linux, MySQL, Tomcat. Implementation was done in AJAX style.

For the efficient and quality development, the Yahoo control set was used.

The overall development of the Web-site was completed for 1.5 month.

Sample arlier projects fulfilled by members of our team.

RLE "RusLab Equipment.(2003)"

In Gas and Oil, and in Chemical industries, there are a lot of vessels, pipelines and other technical units and equipment working with aggressive liquids, explosive gases and other hazardous species.

These devices are working under strong technical control including their tests and examinations on a regular basis. RLE was proposed for the control process organization, scheduling and reporting. The system was developed for working with 100 thousands devices which can be organized according to the structure (s) of the administrative enterprise.

This was a 3-tiers system with MS SQL on the Database tier, dynamic XML .Net services on the middle tier, and a MFC client. User could configure GUI, technical unit data, and business rules by the administrative application.

GUI configuration: fields, grids and other control's properties have been in a database. For the client, the XML storage for GUI and data have been implemented providing minimal network traffic and the client's stand-alone working possibility.

The most important features of the middle tier functionality were as follows: the data checking for conformity to the normative documents, and creation of the XML response containing only those data that are required to the client, according to the GUI settings and client's request details stored in the database.

About two hundreds dialogs and forms have been configured in the system, and more than ten thousands devices (with about 50 properties for each) have been imported to the system from MS Excel files.

The development process was organized in spiral model. The prototype was developed in four months by four developers. The prototype was shown to potential customers. In this stage it was understood that a target goal should be changed from enterprises with no more than 10 thousands devices (like typical chemical plant) to the enterprises with about 100 thousands devices and a complicated territorial structure. After that, the team of developers was enlarged to 6 developers, one technical writer and one Q&A, and the second project stage was completed in 8 months. The Beta-version of the RLE was delivered to the first customer (LUKOIL's branch in Kogalim, Siberia).