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Welcome to our T&T Page!

While working over various projects we've encountered and solved many technical, technological, and organizational problems. Sometimes we are limited by nondisclosure agreements of various kinds, and may not display here all our findings, but some of them can be made public.

Story 1. A solution for supporting a geographically-distributed business

Description of a problem.

A fast-growing Russian company engaged in repairing some tools opens its branch offices all over the world. Naturally, spare parts are needed for the repairs; the warehouses for the most of spare parts are located in Russia, in 4 cities - from Moscow to Far East of Russia. Usually the spare parts are delivered abroad by express delivery services.

So, managers in all and every offices of the Company shall have immediate and efficient access to the information about the availability of commodities in the warehouses.

Besides, the owners of the business who are located in Moscow shall have effective information about the activity of the company which head office is located in St. Petersburg.

The Company uses a program "1C:Enterprise 7.7." Torgovlia & Sklad" (Trade & Warehouse)" specially tuned for its needs. For data exchange between the head office in St. Petersburg and the branch offices, a built-in mechanism of data replication is used. The data exchange blocks the bases for 1-2 hours a day; there is no perpetual data exchange during the day.

With the growth of spare parts listed, and the number of geographically distributed branch offices which work hours concur with the night time in the head office, the efficiency of the systems took quickly turn to a worse. The problem was aggravated by high cost of installation of optical fiber communication line to the head office building; moreover, the Company is intending to change the office location in 2-3 years.

In a word, the Company has addressed us for an advice.


We have proceeded from an assumption that the number of users would be about 40 (10 branches x 2 users in each + 5 users in the head office + 2 computers in Moscow + 20 extra for future development).

Our advice was to hire at a provider work spaces on two servers, and one server entirely.

One hired server shall be used for MS SQL Server, while another - as a file serve; the whole server is used as a terminal server.

The software used is: DBMS: MS SQL Server 2005; for the file server - Linux and Samba; for the terminal server - MS Windows TS.

The users are logging in at the terminal server, and are starting "1C" program under the termination control.