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Work model

As a rule, a decision on a project execution using outsourcing regime is taken by a Customer for getting significant money saving.

Several conditions shall be fulfilled:

  • high quality of the project execution by an outsourcing Contractor, exact and competitive terms of execution
  • easiness of communications between Customer and Contractor, low cost of the communication.

The execution of a Project by our company satisfies all these conditions:

  • the quality and an exact work plan of the project execution are provided by high-level skills of the company specialists, and by a modern system of project management adopted in the company; the cost of a work day is very competitive, as compared with Western IT resource market;
  • there exist effective, high-speed, and not expensive communication lines between St.Petersburg (Russia) and the world; the difference in time between our location and Europe is 2-3 hours only, which allows operative exchange information both by e-mail, and by phone. The managers and workers of the company speak fluent English.

Our work model is designed to meet the most rigorous demands of the Customer. We pay much attention to thorough reports on technical actions and the state of the Project fulfilled; our financial plans and expense items concerning the project are transparent for the Customer.