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Leonid N.Soms, PhD (physics)

Born in 1944, Gomel, USSR

Professional biography:

start-end Title Place of work (all Leningrad/St.Petersburg - USSR-Russia)
2006-present time Co-founder and CEO Abacus LTD, IT-technologies
2006-2014 CEO Linux-Ink LTD, IT-technologies
2004-present time Leading Research Scientist Vavilov State Optical Institute
1996-2004 Leading Research Scientist Institute for Laser Physics
1994-1999 Co-founder and CEO Nuclon LTD, IT-technologies
1993-1996 Head of Laboratory Institute for Laser Physics
1987-1993 Head of Laboratory and Deputy Head of Laser Division Vavilov State Optical Institute
1973-1986 Senior Scientist Vavilov State Optical Institute
1967-1973 Junior Scientist Vavilov State Optical Institute

Starting from late 80-ies, deep interest in IT-technologies and computing. Co-founder and CEO of several private IT-companies (from mid-90ies until now).

Expertise in management of R&D laboratories and high-tech companies, experience in driving large teams of researchers and in implementation of results of R&D in industry.

Fields of interests: IT-technologies; lasers and laser systems, in which he has authored in more then 130 scientific works, including two monographs, more than 40 regular and invited reports at international conferences, symposia, and workshops.

USSR and Russian Federation Government awards by several orders (1976, 1980, 2003).

Engagement, from 1985 until now, in teaching as Associate Professor of Chair of Quantum Electronics and Biomedical Optics at the State Technical University "Institute for Information Technologies, Fine Mechanics and Optics", St. Petersburg.

Chair of the Symposia "Control for Laser Characteristics" at International Conferences "Laser Optics", St.Petersburg (2000, 2003, 2006), and Editor of the corresponding Proceedings SPIE volumes Member of Editorial Board of "Opticheskiy Zhurnal" (translated and edited as "Russian Journal of Optical Technology" by AIP, USA). Member of Rozhdestvenskiy Optical Society; chair of St.Petersburg branch of the International Society for Information Displays.


He has graduated from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute in Leningrad in 1967; PhD (physics) degree from the Vavilov State Optical Institute, Leningrad, in 1980.